Sunday, August 1, 2010

Being Forced to Sit Still

The last few months have been interesting for my husband and myself. We have been working on a project with a group of awesome people for quite some time now and although the company is great, the process can become hard.

Now, we happen to work in the entertainment industry but this can be looked at from any type of situation. The idea of declaring to the world that you want 'X' and then trying to figure out how to make 'X' happen. To a Type A personality, the temptation to 'force it to happen' is very strong. If I am not where I want to be I will pack up my bag and get on the road, it's out there and I am going to find it.

The only problem there is that you sometimes end up walking in circles and after much energy, stress, and seemingly gained ground, you look up to notice that you are exactly where you started.

Jay and I have found ourselves on this exact same path and have had moments of very real frustration and doubt. I have enough understanding of how things work that the idea of pushing against what you don't want will only bring you more of the same. "What you resist, persists." It's like when you decide you want a certain type of car, the moment you set your mind to it, it seems like EVERYONE went out and bought that car because they are everywhere. When all you think about is waiting, and frustration and stress, it's going to occur to you that way.

So instead of pushing against it, if you can just release it and let it happen. Relax into it.

HA! How easy is that?

When was the last time you really wanted something and you were able to "let it go" and "let it happen"? Sure, there are somethings that are easier to do this with, like things that make sense to you. Things that aren't out of the realm of possibility in your own mind. "I believe that I will get the job I'm applying for because I have all the right qualifications for it". You get what I'm saying.

Now there are times when you might be getting in your own way and are forced to sit still.

That is what seems to be happening to us this week. We have been sick, not horribly sick or hospital sick, we're fine, but unable to really do much in the outside world. I've noticed feeling like we needed this bit of required calm. We have been pushing so hard against what we don't want that we haven't sat still and trusted that we are exactly where we need to be.

I'm not suggesting that you do this everyday of your life and things will just magically fall into place but at some point, when you are exhausted and beaten down from trying to force things to work, stopping for a moment of rest can make all the difference. Both mentally and physically.

So maybe take a moment this week to sit still and smile because you ARE exactly where you need to be.


  1. I just attended a Buddhist meditation this evening--first time for me. We sat still and quiet for 40 minutes before the lecture. Let me tell you how challenging that was! There were moments though when concentrating on the breath did make my mind feel free. Your observations seem very "enlightened".

  2. My family is going through an abnormal amount of stress right now so your sentiment is much understood. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Rosemarie - I believe that I have an understanding of some concepts and this is part of my way of trying to implement them into my life.

    Kevin - I'm glad that I could help in some way. Hope that things ease up on you!

    Thank you for reading, y'all!