Monday, August 9, 2010

Saying 'Yes'

I have recently learned about the power of simply saying 'yes' more often. When you are looking for things to happen for you in your life and you expect for more opportunities to show up; you have to be willing to take a step outside of your comfort zone sometimes.

Jay and I have turned into a bit more home bodies in the past few weeks. Mainly due to not feeling well, which had it's own place in the spectrum of 'I'm exactly where I need to be' but after a few days, it's time to get out of the house!! Which is what we have done in a major way.

I had an audition on Friday for a commercial and I ran into a friend of mine that I had lost touch with and we were trying to catch up in the few minutes before he went into read. We quickly realized that there was so much more to say than we were able to cram into such a short time and he asked me, 'What are you doing tonight? There is a launch party for the new Beach Body product, it should be fun and Shawn T (of INSANITY - the craziest work out program I have ever done) should be there'.

Now, I wanted to go immediately, getting a chance to meet Shawn T would be super cool to me but then I remembered Jay at home still not feeling great. So I said that we probably wouldn't make it but we should get together asap. To this my friend was like, "Oh, just come for a little while".

So I went home and very sweetly asked Jay if he'd like to go out instead of relaxing at home and he said, "Yeah! Let's go out!"

So we did.

And we had a great time. Walked a red carpet, met some awesome new contacts, had some drinks and just really realized that we needed to do this more often.

I think this ended up going to our heads a bit because we have been 'out' 5 out of 6 nights.

We went to the Hollywood Bowl (my first time ever) to see RENT - which was a really magical experience for me because that was one of the first musicals I saw on Broadway when I was 17 years old. AND I was part of the film version - if you blink you will miss me - I am in the opening song playing a Bohemian in the street during "Rent". Being on that movie set was truly one of those experiences that blew me away - being a part of that, even in a small way was incredible. I got a chance to talk to one of the original cast members and told him that I saw them in their first year on Broadway and he was truly touched and said, "Humble Beginnings", as we stood on the Warner Bros. back lot on this MASSIVE New York City set singing the opening number from that play. What a great message and what a great guy.

It is interesting to see this show years later and seeing that I, in ways, relate to the 'bad guy' in the play that just wants to open a mixed media production company for his friends to create their art. What is so wrong with that?? Maybe I have lost touch with that idealistic teenager that wanted to stick it to the man but now I would love for a Benny to show up and say, let's create art and live in a huge loft..... for free.

The show was great, by the way and the Bowl is amazing. Go see something there. Do it.

We spent the next few nights celebrating a birthday in a park (so fun!) and having an amazing dinner with great friends/show peeps (the food was unreal!). These events were exactly what we needed to enjoy our incredible friends. We are just surrounded by the neatest people.

This week was topped off by dinner with one of my dearest friends who is making some huge changes to her life and moving across the country to live in the LA area! I literally started crying when she confirmed the move. I couldn't be happier to have her near by, I am feeling so lucky!

Saying 'Yes' to the opportunities that show up in your life can relight your passion and excitement for where you currently are and where you are heading.

But after a busy week it can also make you feel so thankful for having a quiet night at home.

I'll leave you with this suggestion, try saying 'yes' to 10 things that you wouldn't normally do and see the amazing changes that will happen!

You already are the change you want to see.


  1. Hmmmm.... I get needing to say yes more often, but isn't this what gets you into trouble sometimes??? ;)

  2. I like this. I miss being inspired by you on a regular basis. Kudos. Will

  3. Nice work, Katy! Love Rent. And red carpets...

  4. Who's this mystery person that is moving to La-La Land?